For some businesses, selecting a domain name for their new website is easy. After all, Burkett Plumbing Supply is clearly going to want for the name of their website. It may seem like a "no-brainer" as to why they would choose this domain name, but there are actually important reasons as to why it matters that they select this particular name for their site. Many small businesses essentially exist for local clientele. Your local customers may already know the name of your business and they want to find YOU when they are searching the web. Chances are, when they are searching for you, they will type in the exact name of your business. It serves no useful purpose to try to come up with a catchy domain name under these circumstances. Making it harder for your customers to find you on the web does not help either party. So what happens if the name of your business is fairly common and someone has already purchased the domain name you want to use? It is possible they only purchased the .com extension of the domain name, which leaves the .net extension still available for you to acquire. easily identifies a business as much as the .com version. Other businesses may want to slightly modify the name of their business if they really want to have .com as their extension. Adding information about location is another option. identifies the business name and location. For start-up online businesses, one must be careful when selecting a domain name. A wedding planner who is trying to attract brides would fare better with a website name such as rather than using a cryptic acronym as part of their site name like Although acronyms work well for well-known entities like NASA, they do not offer much in the way of brand recognition for small start-up businesses. Domain names do matter because they are the first impression a potential client receives about your company's presence on the web. For more information on how to select a website domain name that offers the best first impression of your company, please contact us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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